I was diagnosed with melanoma three months before my 40th Birthday.

During my yearly Gynecologist appointment my doctor found an abnormal mole on my upper back.  He wanted to remove it that day. One week later he personally called me surprised that is was melanoma. I cried my eyes out knowing this was a deadly skin cancer. One week later I had an wide local excision. My boarders were clean;)

Three months later during my skin check, I had to insist on having an abnormal mole removed from my abdomen. My dermatologist wanted to just watch the mole.

I got the call once again, melanoma.

Next step I found a new dermatologist. Before my second wide local excision surgery,  I had any suspicious moles removed and tested.

Three months later regular skin check, and once again I had to ask several times for an odd looking mole to be removed.  I received my third melanoma diagnoses.

All three melanomas were caught at stage one. No chemo or radiation.

I thank my OBGYN for looking at my moles during my yearly check ups. He truly saved me from chemo, radiation, & really my life.

My hope is that someone will read my story and be more sun safe or have a mole removed they've been worried about. Go to a yearly skin check. Stay out of tanning beds. Listen to that gut feeling you have.

Knowledge is power!

My team 'Moon Bathers' will be running in our third Miles Against Melanoma run October 1st.  I feel blessed to be able to run in this race to celebrate life and remember those that left us too soon.